Robert's Contents

Roberts Notes Science and Technology Politics
When Who What
Where Why
Some Books to Read Some Magazines to Read


LockDown 2000
Sophisticated Anti-Hacker Protection

Living Books

Enlightened Writings
The World has Never Lacked Good Ideas, Just the Will to Follow Them

Desiderata Sunscreen Greatest Gift
Nicene Creed Sermon on the Mount Lord's Prayer
Apostles Creed

The Lord is My Shepherd

Ten Commandments

Philosophy, Religion and Legends

Christian Library
Ancient Writings

The Beast 666
The  Pothier Paper Against it

Is The Web 666
Try adding up the letters WWW

Number Cruncher
for Greek, Roman and Hebrew Letters
Urban Legends Research Center
get the free facts on web folklore
Mathematical Miracles
secret codes in  religious books
King James Bible
free on line full text Old and New Testments
Skeptics Dictionary
a site for second thought
critical investigation of paranormal

Health Maintenance Information
... Its Cheaper to Maintain Good Health, .. You Probably Spend More on Your Car Repairs or Caffeine

What Vitamins Do in Your Body
Solgar Nutrition Central
How Vitamins Prevent Disease
Solgar Nutrition Central
How Anti-Oxidents Work
a laymans slide show by Solgar
Nutritional Terms Defined
from A to Z

Articles About Vitamins & Benefits
Solgar Nutrition Central

Vitamin Research
Solgar Nutrition Central

Some Links on Health
Solgar Nutrition Central

Nutrition Focus
Searchable Data Base of Information

The Nutrition Reporter
articles about recent research on vitamins

Ask Doctor Weil
Searchable Database on Health Issues
Web MD
Health News for the Public
Health Central
Health News for the Public
Dr. Dean Edell
Health News for the Public
On Health
Health News for the Public
Great Vitamin Company
The cadillac of vitamins very, very effective
Dr. Michael Colgan
Longevity and Sport Nutrition Clinic
Mayo Clinic
Home page
Mayo Clinic
Drug Information
Herb Safety
A directory of various herbs and side effects
John Hopkins Health Info
Drugs and side effects, diseases and conditions and medical dictionary

Some Interesting Quotes
... and a Few That Politicans Often Use as Their Own

Robert's Quotes Other Quotes From Proverbs

Some Great Music
... You Seldom or Never Hear on the Radio...

Charlotte Church
13 year old Welsh girl with the
voice of an Angel

Cesaria Evoria
Cape Verde bar singer, with a smoky voice, aka, 'Barefoot Diva of Paris'

Big Walter Horton
One of the Greatest
Chicago Blues Harp Players

Pine Top Perkins

Slim Harpo

Willie Nelson

Urban Legends
Check out those pesky net stories, chain letters
that sound to weird or sad to be true.


Urban Myths

Scam Busters

David Emery's Urban Legends

Other Links
Just Knowing this Information, Will Make You a Suspect  :)
( Get Out Your Tear Gas Mask )

Drudge Report
This guy broke the 'Monica Story'
Excellent News Site with Links

global network of artists, writers, educators and entrepreneurs who are social activists

Fun Little Nuggets from the Net

a picture puzzle

'Alien Song'' a Musical Animation
Predates Boy George's Brush With Death in Dec. 1999. (3 megs..Mpeg)

A Moment of Clarity
La' DAMzel
(4 megs)