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Brave New World?
The Lexus and the Olive Tree

In The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Thomas Friedman chronicles the rapid-fire integration of financial markets, technologies, and even entire governments. This process, which the Pulitzer Prize winner calls globalization, has left its stamp on every aspect of our era. Yet it's also run afoul of old-fashioned nationalism--and nobody has written about this tug-of-war with as much finesse and intelligence as Friedman. Available at


One World, Ready or Not : The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism


The world is in the midst of an industrial and economic revolution more far-reaching than the one that transformed Europe and North America in the 19th century. According to William Greider, this revolution is a juggernaut that neither multinational corporations nor governments can control. Greider looks at the impact of the global revolution in terms of human struggle. While huge amounts of wealth are being generated, there is a downside, too: social dislocation; economic uncertainty; and the oldest, rawest form of exploitation--that of the weak by the strong. Greider proposes a number of steps governments of the world can take to avert disaster: moderate the flow of goods by imposing tariffs to rectify trade deficits, change labor practices in developing countries, and allow labor to share in the ownership of capital. Available at

SECRETSOFTHETEMPLE.GIF (5840 bytes) Secrets of the Temple : How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country

This ground-breaking bestseller reveals for the first time how the mighty and mysterious Federal Reserve actually operates--and how it manipulated and transformed both America's economy and the world's during eight crucial years.

Available at