Robert's Quotes


" Make words your friends and constant companions
for they will take you on exciting voyages of discovery
across the seas of knowledge, understanding and wisdom"

Robert J. Simpson, Toronto, 1992, written for and inscribed in my son's first dictionary.


the following quotes are a collection of my thoughts
they appear in no particular order




Robert's Quotes
Robert J. Simpson, Toronto

"inspiration is the wind that fills your sails,
and imagination is the star by which you navigate"

Dec. 24, 1999

"the silent partners of wisdom
... are inspiration and imagination"

Dec. 23, 1999

"the ambitions of a few
become the burden of the many"


"cheap and greed are the
evil twins of the 'maid mammon' "


"I dwell in the valley of nothing
between the peaks of
past prosperity and present need"

Dec. 24, 1999

"after 30, dating becomes a choice
of the roadkill on the freeway of love"

Dec. 22, 1999

"I thank the gods said Robert, that I was born
an American and not a Russian,
a man and not a woman,
and in the days of high tech"

(with apologies to Plato??)

"never in the field of human commerce
has so much been pirated, by so many from so few,
and yet the plundered  prosper far more
than all the wealth of the ages"


"the 'Heart of Mammon' has two chambers,
banks and markets,
the latter sucks money from the people,
the former then cleans it, and loans it back to them"


Watch Out for D-Steps

"One Disappointment too many, leads to Discouragement,
Continuing Discouragement leads to Depression,
Endless Depression leads to Despair,
Despair ends in Destruction."


"the secret formula to financial success is:
mass trash equals cash"


"if marriage is so wonderful,
God's perfect will for man and woman,
then why is it banned in heaven?"