My name is Ian Taylor and I have spent the past 15 years researching and writing about evolution and creation.

I published some of my findings in this book, "In the Minds of Men".

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On this web site i've included one of my presentations about the "Flood". Was it local or global ? The evidence for a global flood is substantial. This slide show will give you a better idea of my work and book.

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Ian Taylor

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"In the Minds of Men"

Darwin and the New World Order

Virtually everyone who reads these words at one point had to endure the public education system.

Some no doubt quickly caught on to the fact that educational success is the result of regurgitating opinions and statements that conform to the doctrines of the system.

Others may have rebelled at the lack of opportunity to question that which very often is mere dogma masquerading as fact.

If not stifled and deadened by theis mental abuse, a healthy curiosity early seeks answers to those age-old questions concerning man's origin and destiny.

Thus it is disturbing to find that, under the guise of orthodox science, any kind of evidence that does not support most textbook's scenario for our origins has been sedulously kept from the light of day.

In the Minds of Men in particular exposes point by point the fuzzy reasoning behind the textbook explanations. The book reveals the motivation while at the same time provides the reader a great deal of counter-evidence that has been concealed for far too long.

Thoroughly researched from original sources, the scholar and the layman alike will find this to be a source book which traces the humanistic reasoning that runs throughout most of the natural sciences.

The book closes by showing that the evolutionary viewpoint provides support for many of the social ills today and, on a world scale,is responsible for the political drive towards one world government.

This goal according the declared humanist objective, is mankind's destiny.



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Author's Bio

Ian T. Taylor is a Toronto-based writer and researcher.

A university graduate from London, England, he was employed for more than twenty years as a research metallurgist in the laboratories of one of  North America's corporate giants.

He obtained patents for high-strength weldable alloys, armor plate, and a novel process for the manufacture of heat exchangers.

A further five years were spent in the field of television production where he became producer/writer for a science documentary series broadcast throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.