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"The challenge is that we work together
in a cooperative manner"

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The Campaign for the Earth is a grassroots movement of diverse people from all nations and cultures responding to the human and environmental crisis of on the planet.

The campaign is an invitation of partnership extended to all people to develop a new common purpose. Any individual, organization, or coalition can undertake initiatives on behalf of this worldwide movement.

This movement is based on the knowledge that there are sufficient resources and technologies existent in the world to meet the global crises. The challenge is that we work together in a cooperative manner focusing locally and networking globally.

Lack of moral direction for global financial systems has created an arena ripe for takeover by the criminal sector. Where government lacks the finances and therefore the ability to maintain an orderly society, corruption thrives. The first task of any group or society is to allocate the use of force and arrange for the rule of law.

People without hope or the ability to plan for productive lives fall prey to the criminal industry

NGO Accreditation

Campaign for the Earth is a foundation registered in the USA.  It is also a non government organization (NGO) accredited to the United Nations in New York City, by the department of Public Information.

History of the CFE

Campaign for the Earth was originally founded by Ms. Sasha White in 19XXXXXX.

It envisions millions of people, at all levels of society encouraging each other to take responsibility for the state of the earth and unite peoples of the world in teamwork, collective action, and alliances for a better world.

The CFE has conducted three international conferences leading to a major contribution at the NGO Forum at the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro, in June 1992.

CFE representatives have attended and participated at the following events:

  • G8 Summit, Halifax, Canada, (1995).
  • Economic Roundtable in Tanzania (1995).
  • Habitat II held at Instabul (1996).
    Closing Speech
  • UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York (1997, 1998, 1999).
  • World Bank Conferences in Washington DC (1995, 1996).
  • Earth Summit +5 in New York (1997).
  • Women's Conference in Azerbaijan (May 1997).
  • Summit of the Sea, St. John's, New Foundland, Canada, (Sept. 1997).


CFE Foundation

CFE was incorporated as a US charitable foundation in 1988. OVALGLOBEbulletblack.jpg (1048 bytes)

NGO Accreditation

History of the CFE

Glenview Declaration

CFE Foundation

Campaign Creed












"People without hope or the ability to plan for productive lives fall prey to the criminal industry."