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As a Campaigner for the Earth, ...

I support the vision of the Campaign that the earth can be
a beautiful, peaceful, healthy, and harmonious place
for all living things, and ...
That each of us contributes to what our world becomes
through thousands of decisions and small daily acts,
and that it is us, the people of earth, working together, who
can choose to create a world that can work for everyone.
I pledge to do my part in this global campaign of conscience
by striving to do no harm to others or the planet,
accepting my inherent authority to act and the responsibility
for the consequences of my own actions and inaction's,
respecting others, and ...
appreciating the diversity of humanity and all life,
committing to positive, cooperative action in daily life
to address those things I feel are most important,
and by identifying myself and my appropriate activities
as "supporting the Campaign for the Earth".

The Campaign for the Earth is not an organization; it is a movement of conscience.
All who share the above stated values and vision are welcomed and acknowledged as Campaigners for the Earth.
Our Goal is to accelerate solutions to humanity's problems everywhere.