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"...you will find that citizenship via policy change
can be done quite efficiently..."

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Welcome to an active and detemined group of citizens excercising their democratic rights to achieve their "Human Rights".

In Canada, this is often done with reference to the Canadian Constitution, a document which, in fact was not an end in itself but a vehicle to be used by the Canadian public to clarify norms and terms for life in Canadian Society.

There are two methods to change society:

1. Just Do It

For example improving vigilance over the local park can just be a matter of talking with the neighbours and agreeing to be more observant, keep records and alert the police.

2. Policy Change

This approach is more complicated and time consuming but you will find surprising allies along the way and as you become more expert, you will find that citizenship via policy change can be done quite efficiently as part of a busy lifestyle.

Note: This is a difficult path for "perfectionists" however, because community life is a life of compromise. Be resoundingly proud if you achieve steps toward your goal. Often small steps are vital - like a direction sign. People will still take their own course but in somewhat the same direction. OVALGLOBEbulletblack.jpg (1048 bytes)